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Women in Packaging Breakfast Forum

Don’t miss this keynote address at the Women In Packaging breakfast by BrandOpus MD;  NIKKI MOESCHINGER

This presentation will examine the importance of creativity on the future of humanity. We will look backwards and forwards simultaneously to understand our place in a world on the cusp of momentous change, change more profound than the industrial revolution or the birth of the world wide web.

We will examine the importance of fostering creativity in the workplace and how crucial it will be for today’s leaders to undo some of the psychological damage done by social media with regards to risk taking.

We will see how the education system has it so terribly wrong.

We will talk about the overwhelming effects of technology in our everyday lives and the need to redefine human purpose once many of our roles become automated.

The event is free of charge for AIP National Technical Forum delegates.
Everyone is welcome!

Panel Topic: How do we attract talent to our industry and address the skills needs of the future?

Panellists:  Liza Vernalls, Packaging Director, Campbell Arnott’s; Nerida Kelton, Executive Director, Australian Institute of Packaging; Dr Rym Kachouri, Product Manager Packaging Technologies, Foodmach, APPMA Board Director

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