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Trio of cobots scoop world-first in Melbourne

Industry 4.0 delivers retail engagement – and it doesn’t get much cooler than cobots serving you in a  Melbourne ice cream bar. Lindy Hughson went behind the scenes at the world-first retail execution to sample wares delivered by the revolutionary technology.

Collaborative robots (cobots) have begun to make their mark on manufacturing floors, and now they have entered the retail domain. In a world-first, robotic retail technology pioneer Niska has brought to the Australian market an interactive retail experience that incorporates cutting edge robotics and artificial intelligence technology. The store opened in Melbourne today (17 September).

The project, three years in the making, saw Niska collaborate with robotics companies ABB, KUKA and Soft Bank Robotics; engineering company Special Patterns; UNSW; and Phosphor. Consulting on the robotics technology was Greg Sale, director of consulting firm Manufacturing, Technology & Marketing.
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