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State of Our Innovation Nation 2021 and Beyond

We have some exciting news.

The APPMA is pleased to present a significant milestone book of distinction to our members, in deluxe digital format, on Australia’s science & innovation enterprise for your reading pleasure and professional development which includes a comprehensive and interesting section dedicated to the ‘State of our Innovation Nation 2021 and Beyond’. 

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More than just a book…
Australia’s Nobel Laureates Volume III: State of Our Innovation Nation 2021 and Beyond is a one of a kind collector’s item delivering a seminal analysis of the country’s wider innovation enterprise and its future potential. Featuring a mix of Government Ministers, professors, scientists, educators, innovators, entrepreneurs and company leaders across the whole of Australia’s economy and research base, it provides unparalleled insight into the health of the country’s total innovation ecosystem and a range of voices that elevate the national innovation narrative. 

This third volume delivers original and in-depth essays, company profiles, case studies and interviews on a range of topics and industries including advanced manufacturing, mining, biotech, defence, IT, infrastructure, sustainability, commercialisation and robotics and automation e.g. incisive articles from Minister Trevor Evans, Titomic, Cisco Systems, Fred Hollows Foundation, Gilmour Space Technologies, APCO, ResMed and also APPMA.

It serves as a long-term educational resource and practical tuition tool ideal for C-level management, rising leaders and university students too, as well as a quality VIP item for sharing far and wide across your digital networks.

The book is available for free to all Australians interested in the latest innovation trends and our great nation’s future prosperity. And you can access, as well as bookmark, your copy by clicking the image above.

A few words from one of the book’s distinguished authors …

“The coffee table had better be reinforced to carry the weight of both pages and ideas contained in Volume III of Australia’s Nobel Laureates, bringing together our innovation history with ideas for the future. It has been a privilege to be part of this journey, but despite its depth, this is a book without a satisfactory ending. It is up to all of us to read, absorb and challenge ourselves to create the next chapter of Australia’s innovation story. However, I challenge anyone to not be both impressed and uplifted to join us on this journey seeing the results of this amazing project.”
By Rob Hillard, Chairman of Australian Information Industry Association and Chief Transformation Officer at Deloitte APAC.

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