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SMC’s James McKew: Don’t settle for the familiar – demand the best

James McKew is the sales and marketing director at SMC Australia-New Zealand, a specialist in pneumatic technology and automation control.

PKN Packaging News Reports: SMC’s sales and marketing director James McKew discusses how to avoid locking yourself into old technology when specifying on a project.

There is something to be said about sticking with what you know, but choosing ‘the familiar approach’ can lock you into innovation constraints which could compromise your global competitiveness and cost you money.

Technology is developing at such an alarming rate that it’s near-impossible for OEMs and end users to keep up with new developments.

More and more, they have to rely on competent and well-trained technical sales staff from their component suppliers to provide them with insight and advice on the best products to choose.



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Courtesy of PKN Packaging News