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Safety automation company Pilz forecasts growth in Australia

Renate Pilz visited Australia this week to announce her retirement and hand over the reins to her daughter Susanne and son Thomas (below). She ran the business for over 40 years.

The German company behind the red Emergency Stop button you see on a wide range of packaging equipment has connections with Australia that are about to get stronger.

APPMA Member and German engineering company Pilz GmbH is responsible for automation technology solutions designed to ‘create safety’, and they can be used in packaging and a range of other industries.

Pilz came to acclaim as the pioneer of the Emergency Stop – a button integral to everyday safety in manufacturing and automotive factories.

The company has already made significant investments in the Australian market, with Pilz Australia headquartered in Melbourne and offices in Sydney and Brisbane providing sales, logistics, and turnkey engineering projects to the local market.


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Courtesy of PKN Packaging News