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Privacy Statement


In order to carry out its activities The APPMA acquires information provided by people or organisations who contact the APPMA requesting assistance or who are transacting business with the APPMA.

The policy of the APPMA is to collect the absolute minimum of information required to enable us to function, and, to use the information provided, solely for the purpose for which it is provided, unless otherwise required by law. Wherever possible, we restrict the information we hold, to information that already exists in the public domain. The APPMA does not sell information contained in our databases to third parties for any purpose whatsoever. With the exception of that section of our database that is in the public domain, we do not pass any information to third parties, unless required by law.

Information collected from APPMA members.

All members provide two classes of information:

a) Public domain information.
Members provide public domain information specifically for publication in the APPMA Members’ directory and for display on the APPMA website. This information is a form of advertising and is not considered private. The APPMA accepts no responsibility for the content or accuracy of the information which is displayed on our website or printed in our directory.

b) Private information.
Each member is required to assign a contact person to whom association communications should be directed. This is a totally personal contact list between the members and the APPMA. Its’ content is limited to the necessary details to enable the communication to take place.

Information provided to us by non-members

Commercial, for the purpose of conducting the affairs of the association:
This data is for business-to-business activities. The information on this database is restricted to the association’s administration for use as needed in the APPMA’s business activities. It is treated as “commercial in confidence”.

Mailing list
The APPMA has 3 totally separate mailing lists:

  • Members – this database is solely for dissemination of APPMA information to APPMA members.
  • Packline – This is for people or organisations who have requested information about the APPMA and who receive our newsletter (Packline). – This publication is part of the APPMA advertising/marketing programme. The marketing committee may recommend additions to this list from public domain information. Recipients of material from this database may request removal from our mailing list at any time.
  • Promotional – The APPMA continually seeks to expand its membership. To this end, the marketing committee maintains a database of potential members generated from public domain information. Additionally the APPMA actively seeks sponsorship from relevant commercial entities whose information exists in the public domain.

Other privacy issues:

APPMA enquiry service.
The APPMA enquiry service is provided to facilitate responses to enquiries concerning packaging machinery that are directed to the APPMA office via fax, email or via the enquiry feature on our website The APPMA office is not in a position to directly respond to such enquiries, and they are re-referred, via the internet, to the entire APPMA membership. (Our corporate governance regime requires that the APPMA office should not provide any technical advice or recommendation concerning either machinery selection, or the suitability of any particular members’ equipment for an application).

Companies or individuals using this service need to provide a “communication point” for the delivery of information about their enquiry. They also need to provide sufficient details about their enquiry to enable the enquiry to be answered. Companies or individuals using the enquiry service acknowledge that:

  • Their enquiry, wether received by fax or e-mail, is referred in full to all members simultaneously via the internet
  • The Internet is not a totally secure form of information transfer.
  • The “communication point” details must be forwarded to all our members.
  • The enquiry details must be communicated to all our members.
  • This dissemination process exposes the enquiry to a limited, but nevertheless public, domain

The service is not for use by an entity that does not want its enquiry broadcast to all members.

Enquiries to the APPMA concerning information about members.

Unless otherwise required by law, the only member information provided by the APPMA is the public domain information provided by the member for inclusion on the APPMA website or in the APPMA directory. Persons who do not have access to the internet, who request information about members, will be provided gratis with a copy of our members’ directory (printed or C-D format).