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Trio of cobots

Trio of cobots scoop world-first in Melbourne

Industry 4.0 delivers retail engagement – and it doesn’t get much cooler than cobots serving you in a  Melbourne ice cream bar. Lindy Hughson went behind the scenes at the world-first retail execution to sample wares delivered by the revolutionary technology. Collaborative robots (cobots) have begun to make their mark on manufacturing floors, and now they […]

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Robert Becher Appointment

New director appointed to APPMA Board

Robert Becher, MD of Inox Australia, has been elected as a new director on the APPMA Board, as announced at the APPMA AGM on 10 September. This year’s APPMA AGM was held at the MCG in Melbourne, with a key item on the agenda the announcement of the election results for the 2019-2020 Board. As […]

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lindsay tanner at dinner

Lindsay Tanner draws crowd at APPMA dinner

Close on 100 APPMA members and guests, representing 35 companies, gathered at the MCG on 10 September to hear former Federal Minister Lindsay Tanner give his frank and forthright assessment of the state of play in the world of politics, economics and industrial change. Given Lindsay Tanner’s credentials as a speaker, it was no surprise […]

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Why stopping food waste is more important than ever

With more than a billion tonnes of food wasted every year, APPMA member TOMRA offers its insights into the problem and a view of what can be done to fix it. The world is currently wasting 1.3 billion tonnes of the food produced for human consumption every year, which amounts to a third of all food produced […]

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Closing the loop with Krones

Seeking to help create a world without plastic waste, the ambitious founders of US recycling startup rPlanet Earth have invested in a massive PET recycling line from Krones. Bob Daviduk and Joe Ross are looking to make a dent in the amount of plastic that ends up in incinerators, landfills, or the environment every day. […]

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