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Membership Renewals sees Strong Position for 2021-24

In June we launched our 2021-24 Membership Renewal Programme which includes the introduction of the 3 tiered membership packages which have been developed to better align our member package options with the needs and expectations of our growing and diverse company membership group.

Unlike most Associations, the APPMA had been operating with the one size fits all membership package. While the industry continues to evolve the APPMA also needs to evolve and develop from both a membership packaging and category perspective and after a comprehensive review and assessment, the Board introduced a three-tiered membership structure (Gold, Silver and Bronze).

To facilitate the package transition and in recognition of the support and loyalty of existing members, the Special Member Renewal Offer enabling all existing APPMA members the opportunity to receive a 3 year Gold membership renewal at the Bronze membership fee of $800 per year. This offer has been very well received with membership renewals already exceeding 80%. 

In addition, the Associate membership category and packages were also launched from 1 July aiming to attract and engage companies involved in providing packaging and processing materials as well as industry-specific consulting specialists both of which regularly work hand in hand with our current Full Membership base.  

The Board believes that the changes which have been put in place, help position the APPMA for the future, including AUSPACK and P&P Week development, Industry engagement, event participation and membership retention and growth.