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HMPS designs new crate packer to solve milk bottle problem

PKN Packaging News Reports: PKN asked APPMA Member HMPS managing director Mark Emmett about a new machine that makes packing lightweight milk bottles into crates a whole lot easier.

Thinner plastic in milk packaging due to the lightweighting of bottles is good news from a sustainability perspective, but it’s posing some challenges for milk producers.

Current models of this type of equipment sometimes ‘drop’ the filled bottles into the crates, causing them to split.

So, in response to a customer request, HMPS recently designed a new crate packer to accommodate thinner styles of packaging.

MD Mark Emmett says he believes the HMPS 7000 is the first of its kind.

“This is an Australian first as the customer was the very first to realise this upgrade,” he says.


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Courtesy of PKN Packaging News