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FAQ’s, AUSPACK 2021 Postponement

Why was the show postponed to 2022?
Event compromise due to COVID-19
The decision to postpone AUSPACK to 2022 was not an easy one to make, and is the first of its kind since the exhibition’s inception. AUSPACK was 70% sold. Our focus and concern – as always – is in assessing the COVID-19 risks, implications and restrictions, and how these would compromise the event’s success and every exhibitor’s return on investment and experience.

The recent announcement of the deferral of Foodtech Packtech NZ after previously having 102 days of no COVID-19 cases also demonstrated the volatility and risks associated with any planned exhibition or events.

Taking all of these factors into account, we believe postponing the event provides the best outcome for all involved.

Health and Safety
It is vital to ensure that we can protect the health and safety of our industry community when everyone comes together. It’s also paramount that we preserve the experience – and value – that exhibitors and visitors gain from attending AUSPACK and events like it.

Exhibitor Experience and Value
AUSPACK is known for its depth of products and services on the show floor, and the unique networking opportunities available from the many functions and events held around the show. Continuing uncertainty around state-border openings, event restrictions and ongoing uncertainty regarding international flights and participation represented serious concerns regarding delivering the value and benefit expected from exhibiting at an AUSPACK event.

Networking and Engagement Restrictions
Because AUSPACK is built around engagement and networking, the concern was that the COVID-19 implications would compromise the value and experience for visitors and exhibitors. In the absence of a vaccine events such as this are likely to be restricted and severely compromised.
However, while we have postponed the AUSPACK exhibition, we will continue to plan and run appropriate educational, networking and engagement events during 2021 – virtually if they need to be, or hopefully face to face. This includes the Business and Industry Conference, APPMA Awards of Excellence, APPMA member networking dinners and others.

Congestion of Exhibition and Industry/Member Responsibility
The APPMA’s role is to promote, integrate and foster participation and development at all levels of the packaging and processing machinery industry in Australia. As an industry association, our main goal is to deliver a show that meets exhibitor, attendee, sponsor and industry needs and expectations.

The APPMA Board viewed the congestion created by other commercially focused exhibitions moving their dates from 2020 to mid-2021 as far from an ideal situation for the industry. It serves no one’s interests to have a slew of shows – such as Interpack, ProPak Asia, FoodPro – held so closely together, and we believe the value to exhibitors and visitors will be vastly reduced. As an industry-based association, we believe moving AUSPACK to a later date provides the best outcome for the industry, including the best financial ROI for exhibitors and visitors.

APPMA Stability
While financial contribution from events such as AUSPACK aid in running the APPMA, as a fiscally responsible Association, we are well-positioned to deliver this – and any –event at a time, date and venue that best serves our members, exhibitors, attendees and the greater industry. We credit previous and current Board members for their foresight in establishing reserves that enable the APPMA to make the best decision for our members and the industry.
Running a compromised event for short term-financial returns is not required.

Why was Melbourne chosen for 2022?
Over the past four months, the Board has been working closely with exhibition organiser Exhibitions & Trade Fairs in continually assessing the situation, while also exploring contingency options should a decision to postpone be deemed necessary. This included exploring suitable venue options and availability across a 12 to 18-month period. Once the decision was made to postpone, these contingencies were enacted. With the Melbourne Conference & Exhibition Centre (MCEC) having a suitable date option available that catered for AUSPACK and all supporting Packaging & Processing Week events under the one roof, this was the most viable option.

AUSPACK has a strong history of success in Melbourne; 2019 was record show for visitors and exhibitors

Other benefits: location is near the CBD, allowing for easier access in getting to and from the venue, access to accommodation venues, networking venues

When is the event being held?
Tuesday 17th May – Friday 20th May 2022

Where is the event being held?
Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre

Are there any networking events between now and 2022?
Packaging & Processing Week events are currently being planned to run in 2021. This will include a Business and Industry Conference and APPMA Awards of Excellence. With the decision to postpone AUSPACK now being finalised, we can now finalise the planning, format and dates for these other events, and will be able to make announcements later this year.

What networking events are available at AUSPACK 2022?
AUSPACK 2022 will once again offer a number of stand-out social events taking place during Packaging & Processing Week. Social and networking opportunities include the Business and Industry Conference, Australian Packaging and Processing Machinery Association (APPMA) Awards of Excellence, Next-Gen Lunch and a Show-Floor Learning Series.

How can I exhibit at AUSPACK 2022?
The floorplan opens to new exhibitors in January 2021. We are taking enquiries all the time but cannot confirm stands until January

How can I transfer my exhibition stand to 2022?
We are managing this in a phased approach that gives priority to customers from the postponed Sydney 2021 show and regular Melbourne exhibitors.

Phase 1: 4 November – 1 December 2020: (approx. 4 weeks)
aaaaaa 2021 contracted exhibitors (members and non-members)
aaaaaa APPMA members who exhibited in 2019 but not signed for 2021.
aaaaaa Non-members who have exhibited in Melbourne 2015 and 2019

Phase 2: 7th December – 18th January 2020:
aaaaaa Variations to stand sizes and locations

Phase 3: 27th January 2021 through to 2022 event until sold out:
aaaaaa Open market to all potential exhibitors on a first-come-first-served basis.

What is the stand cancellation policy?
If transferring to the Melbourne 2022 event is not a suitable option, please advise us in writing that you wish to cancel your contract and we will in return confirm back in writing.

To provide a refund we will need bank details to make the payment into. These bank details must either be a formal bank document (Bank statement, deposit slip, etc.) or be provided on corporate letterhead. It can’t just be an email.

The refund process needs to go via ETF’s US parent company and will be processed as quickly as possible so please allow a little time to receive the money.