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APPMA Board of Directors
Closes:  Monday, 29 July, 2019 @ 5.00 pm

In accordance with the new APPMA Constitution adopted in 2018, three current Director positions are up for re-election in 2019. Nominations are now open for submission for members wishing to nominate for an APPMA Director position.
Nominations of candidates for election as a Director must be received by the Secretary no later than Monday 29 July 2019 to be eligible for election (being 6 weeks prior to the AGM on 10 September 2019).
Each APPMA member is entitled to nominate one candidate for election as Director. Nominees must be an APPMA member representative, owner, Director or employee of the relevant full member company.
Candidates wishing to nominate are required to complete and submit the following forms to the APPMA Company Secretary by 29 July 2019:  

  1.    APPMA Board of Directors Nomination Form   
  2.    Consent to Act as a Director Form                                         

Please send completed documentation to:, attention: APPMA Secretary.
If anyone considering nominating for a Directors position has any questions regarding responsibilities of the role, please do not hesitate to contact the APPMA who will arrange for the Company Secretary to contact you directly.
The current Directors standing for re-election this year are:  

Mark Dingley – APPMA Chairman       

Mark Krygger – Director

Peter Bradbury – Director

Should the nominations for election of Directors be equal to the number of Board vacancies, the Secretary shall declare the nominees as elected Directors. 

Should the number of nominations for election of Directors be greater than the Board vacancies, the Secretary shall conduct a ballot and shall declare the persons elected by that ballot to be elected as Directors. 

Under the new constitution adopted in 2018, all member representatives will be entitled to vote should a ballot be required, (one vote per financial member company).

Should a ballot be required, the voting will be conducted electronically thereby providing a secure and easy voting process for all member representatives. Votes must be received by the Secretary no later than Monday 2 September 2019 (one week prior to the AGM).

Announcement of the successful Directors will be made at the Annual General Meeting scheduled for 10 September 2019 to be held at the MCG in Melbourne immediately prior to the Members Networking Dinner. 

Closing time and date for nominations is Monday 29 July 2019 at 5.00pm.

All completed nomination forms to be sent to:

Click here to download a Board of Directors Nomination Form.
Click here to download a Consent to Act as a Director Form.