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APPMA welcomes Schur Star Systems as new member

The APPMA would like to welcome new member Schur Systems. Schur®Star Systems is operating out of Melbourne Australia, Flensburg Germany, and Carlsbad USA using the know-how of the entire Schur group to be able to offer the best possible flexible packaging solution to their customers. The key elements of the Schur®Star Concept are maximum flexibility and reduced complexity. With the Schur®Star Packing Machine and the pre-made Schur®Star Bags, which are linked together on a unique string, a smooth packing process is ensured. The Schur®Star bags are customised and meet product-specific requirements. The concept allows for a quick and easy exchange between different bag constructions and sizes, and a change-over between manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic filling can be carried out just as quickly.

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