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APPMA member’s Vision inspection solution breaks rejection issue

An egg packer was having its products rejected by retailers because of poor quality control. The solution, a vision inspection system supplied by APPMA Member Matthews Australasia, not only solved the problem but also won the company the PACE Zenith Award for Manufacturing Control.


Packing eggs has several challenges: the fresh produce is both fragile and perishable, thus has a limited shelf-life. This means it is imperative that eggs are handled correctly the first time, without extra processes and time in re-work due to incorrect packing or labelling.


In its fast-paced environment with 18 different production lanes, an Australian egg packer was packing more than 30 SKUs for several customers. Every individual consumer-unit egg carton (or “inner”) is packed into a specific shipper outer for transportation, after which the 18 production lanes finally merge into one.

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Courtesy of Food & Beverage Industry News