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APPMA launches Masterclass Education Series

A 1-day interactive workshop, facilitated by Paul Allen (Margin Partners) designed to equip delegates with the skills and toolkit they need to materially improve customer profitability.

Chairman of the APPMA – Mark Dingley, is proud to announce the launch of their first Masterclass Education Series. The Margin Rescue Masterclass, to be offered in Melbourne – April 20th, Sydney – May 4th & Brisbane – May 18th, is a 1- day interactive workshop designed to equip delegates with the skills and toolkit they need to materially improve customer profitability. The Interactive Masterclass, as Mark explains is ‘evidence to the APPMA’s long term commitment to continue to deliver increased value and support to its members. Melbourne’s April Masterclass is the first of what is currently a three-part series for 2020, and focuses on what is critical to all members – their Bottom Line!’

Facilitated by Paul Allen, Australia’s leading authority on Supplier Margin & author of the acclaimed book “Take Back you Margin”, the program will detail how to navigate the 10 classic pitfalls that routinely lead B2B Suppliers to unknowingly leak upwards of 25% of their net-margin entitlements. Participants receive both Pre & Post event consultations to ensure they are prepared for the Masterclass and capable of immediately applying the learnings within their business. “This won’t be some relaxing day out of the office … we will be rolling up the sleeves and constructing individual margin improvement plans to ensure participants get a minimum 300% return on their attendance fee, within 1 month”, said Mr Allen

APPMA General Manager – Michael Moran, is the curator of the series and strongly urges all ‘APPMA members to embrace the Interactive Masterclass, to ensure they are actively engaging in all they can as a means to grow their profitability, while many in the industry face mounting competition’.

For some quick facts about the event, to see if this event would suit you and your organisation download this 1-Page brochure, today.

Limited seats are available so to register and for further information head to: