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The Australian Packaging & Processing Machinery Association (APPMA) is pleased to announce that it will be heading to ProPak Asia 2017 on the 14-17th June, Bangkok, Thailand to host the Australian Pavilion for the second year.

The APPMA developed the pavilion as a way to assist Australian packaging and processing manufacturers and distributors to showcase their products and companies to the Asian market. ProPak Asia is Asia’s No.1 international processing & packaging trade event for Asia’s expanding food, drink & pharmaceutical industries. With a proven track record over 25 successful editions ProPak Asia consistently delivers the best results, high quality and quantity trade visitors from across Asia.

Who is exhibiting?

Exhibiting in the Australian Pavilion is HMPS, Inox-Australia, OFS, Woolcool Australia, the APPMA and the Australian Institute of Packaging. BBC Technologies will also be exhibiting in the same area and APPMA Member companies Fibre King, Heat & Control and tna will be exhibiting on their own stands.

What products are they showcasing during ProPak Asia 2017?

HMPS is one of the largest case packing and palletising machinery builders in Australia, successfully designing a vast range of packaging systems for national and international customers. They offer customers end of line packaging machinery which include: Bag in box, Carton erectors and top sealers, Wrap around case packer and sleevers, RSC top and side load case packers, Cartoners for end load, top load and tray formers, Palletisers for single or multifeed and Custom robotic solutions.


HMPS will be showcasing the HMPS 6000 End Load Cartoner which is used to package dairy snacks. The end of the line is automated, however the machine allows for manual infeed. HMPS have found that customers have an increased need for automation, while taking into consideration the human element of their business. They also need machinery with a small footprint which is adaptable to their operating environment. The HMPS 6000 End Load Cartoner has the ability to pack up to 100 products per minute which translates to 25 cartons per minute.

INOX is a company engaged in successfully providing solutions for food and liquid processing. As liquid food process engineers, INOX specialise in the design and manufacture of complete systems and equipment for the heating, cooling, and processing of dairy products, juices, sauces, soups, stocks, preserves and jams, slurries, meat sauces, baby foods, fruit preps, specialised ingredients and any type of food products as well as the supply of quality made, and compliant equipment manufactured in Australia for the food processing, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and allied industries.



The INOX Instantiser has been successfully proven to be Australia’s food industry answer to fast, homogeneous powder/ liquid mixing and an effective solution to problems that occur with mixing systems where breaking up of difficult to mix solutions and agglomerates is present with traditional mixing equipment. INOX Instantisers rapidly dissolve and disperse viscous solids, semi solids and powders more effectively than any other system.

A specially designed impellor system combined with an appropriate vessel shape, produce a high level of turbulence to dissolve and disperse almost any food product in the most efficient and thorough manner available. INOX are excited to release their latest version of the already highly regarded high speed mixing system, the INOX Instantiser. Loading has never been easier and safer due to the reduced height of the machine. The INOX Instantiser is designed for high-speed, high shear mixing and has become a food industry household name with many installations in Australia and Asia.


Kelstream builds scraped surface heat exchangers for inline cooling or heating of your product. The Kelstream SSHE is commonly utilised in aseptic processing of foodstuffs. These heat exchangers are preferred because of their capability to process heat-sensitive, viscous, or particulate-laden products, enhance the heat transfer of viscous products, and minimise the extent of burn-on, or fouling on the heat transfer surface. They bring together the know-how of their specialists and your specific preferences. Only then can it be the infallible link in your demanding production process.

OFS (Operations Feedback Systems) is an Australian owned company focussing exclusively on the development and distribution of software solutions for the manufacturing industry. The OFS solution currently helps manufacturers in 8 countries achieve sustainable productivity and profit improvements. The OFS software solution monitors production in real time and provides powerful data accuracy and visibility from any device, anywhere, anytime.


The OFS stand will showcase demonstrations of a few different modules of the OFS core suite, primarily OFS-X, OFS-Flow, OFS-Alerts and OFS-Analytics. A wonderful visual of the OFS Operator console will be presented on the stand and live demonstrations will be occurring throughout the day. These demos will allow visitors to see first-hand the exceptional value in the OFS solution and the vast functionality it offers – for example, what happens when the line is down, how OFS measures job change overs, electronic forms automatically popping up on the console and how reporting can be done.


Woolpack, a wholly-owned, award-winning Australian company has the license to distribute the remarkable product known as Woolcool to Australia and New Zealand. Woolcool is a product that is transforming supply chains across the globe with its environmentally friendly insulated packaging solutions that outperform other options currently on the market for transporting temperature sensitive goods such as food, beverages and pharmaceuticals.



Woolcool box and pouch options will be showcased on their stand, along with pharmaceutical packaging options. Their stand will also be distinctly ‘Aussie’ so stop by and spend some time in their ‘Ridgey Didge Australian Shearing Shed’. Wool is a fascinating product and it becomes even more fascinating when it is turned into insulated packaging that outperforms other options currently on the market.


BBC Technologies is the global leader in complete turnkey solutions for sorting, optimising, and packing small fruit. They specialise in soft, delicate varieties in which their industry-leading technology preserves the natural characteristics of each piece of fruit. BBC Technologies designs, develops, manufactures and installs all their own end-to-end turnkey lines, which include traceability and analytics software. Their turnkey automated solutions for fresh and frozen product range from defect sorting, colour sorting, soft sorting and sizing, to packing fruits into different size of clamshells, punnets, and boxes.


BBC Technologies will showcase CURO-16, on their stand which is their innovative 16 heads filling system. They will also play videos of their latest technologies and customer testimonials so that visitors can see their wide range of solutions for the Asean Region.

Fibre King is a 90-year-old engineering company, specialising in the design and manufacture of end of line packaging machinery. Fibre King produces case packers, palletisers, meat equipment and crate automation equipment for the food and beverage,

pharmaceutical, meat, fresh produce and household and personal goods industries.


Fibre King will be focussing on Robotic Solutions on their stand – Palletising and De Palletising technology. Fibre King will be showcasing their ability to intelligently programme, integrate and design safe solutions to suit a variety of industries and customer needs. They will also have their Virtual Reality experience on their stand, allowing visitors to experience up close one of their large-scale equipment solutions.

Heat and Control have been manufacturing and servicing food processing and packaging equipment for over 65 years, supplying their customers with systems for baked and fried snacks, French fries, vegetables, meats, poultry, industrial and commercial products, product handling and packaging systems.


FastBack: With slow-forward fast-back motion, FastBack conveyor systems safely convey even the most delicate products. FastBack conveyers are easy to clean and coatings remain on product and don’t build up in the conveyer pan. There are no hard-to clean areas on the drive base. Move over, the 260E processes 27,000 kg/hr without bogging down. High drive accelerations deliver the benefits of horizontal motion conveying for products that previously could only be handled by vibratory conveyors.

FastBack 90e: The 90E is the ultimate scale feed solution – providing a full 360-degree radial feeder pattern to the scale and eliminating starved weigh heads caused by inadequate product flow or hills and valleys. With one of the highest throughput values in the industry, the 90E has no trouble keeping up with today’s ultra-high speed weighed bagger combinations.

Inspection systems: Heat and Control will be displaying the latest metal detector from world-class manufacturer CEIA. CEIA are leaders in metal detection systems for a wide range of industries, including food and pharmaceuticals. Their range of THS detectors identify both magnetic and nonmagnetic metals, including high-resistivity stainless steel. An automatic tracking function cancels out any variation caused by the product being inspected, which significantly reduces false alarms and in turn reduces production downtime and product loss. The THS line of metal detectors have been adopted by leading companies in the food, chemical, textile and pharmaceutical fields.

tna started in Sydney in 1982 as a consulting company to the food packaging industry. In 1984, the company was incorporated to develop high-speed vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) packaging machines and launched its first product, the tna robag, in the Australian market. Based on ground-breaking rotary continuous motion and the now-famous ‘stripping’ action using rotary jaws, the tna robag completely redefined the performance standards of VFFS systems and is still one the bestselling VFFS machines in the world.


tna robag® FX 3ci: a rotary vertical, form, fill and seal (VFFS) packaging system. Compact and easy-to-clean, this turnkey system is designed to package at top speeds from a single tube with triple rotary jaw action for a wide range of products.

tna intelli-flav® OMS 5: A highly accurate on-machine seasoning system that can provide both powder flavouring and liquid oil in a single drum to deliver consistent coverage and flavour to a wide range of products.

tna performance 5.0: Visitors will also be able to speak to their experts about tna performance 5.0, their revolutionary new approach to high-speed production line performance. Comprising a brand new high performance vertical packaging system, high-speed multi-head scale and the world’s fastest case packer for flexible bags, tna performance 5.0 will allow food manufacturers to maximise their production flexibility with faster changeovers and more product capabilities in a single system.

If your company is looking for specific Packaging and Processing Machinery or you need assistance with developing a tender then the Australian Packaging & Processing Machinery Association (APPMA) can source the appropriate member companies for you. Just ask them how. The APPMA represents Australia’s leading packaging and processing machinery and allied components companies and your company can become a part of this network. Established in 1983 the APPMA, is Australia’s only national packaging and processing machinery association and the proud owners of AUSPACK; which is the largest biennial packaging and processing machinery and materials exhibition in Australia. The APPMA’s objective is to promote, integrate and foster participation and development at all levels of the packaging and processing machinery side of the industry. Members include manufacturers, distributors and importers of packaging and processing machinery who are suppliers to industries such as food, beverage, dairy, meat, poultry, seafood, confectionery, bakery & snacks and fresh produce.

APPMA to launch 2017 Member Directory during ProPak Asia.

The Member Directory includes detailed information on Australia’s leading packaging & processing machinery and allied components companies in Australia.

The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) was established in 1963 to provide a professional identity for packaging technologists. 53 years later the AIP remains the only professional body designed to educate, train and develop packaging technologists and other individuals involved within the packaging industry throughout Australasia. The only difference today is that the AIP is a lot wider in its reach and has opened up its membership to all fields within the industry (marketing, sales, designers, engineers to name a few) and is also assisting many parts of Asia through its educational programs. The AIP is now a member of the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) and works closely with many other international packaging organisations. The AIP is at the forefront of packaging training and education in Australasia; helping to shape the careers of generations of packaging professionals – from packaging technologists to international packaging business leaders along with a host of people in associated disciplines – sales and marketing, purchasing, production and environment.

AIP to launch their Education & Training Courses for the Asian Region at ProPak Asia

Come & Visit the AIP and find out about the Diploma in Packaging Technology, The Certificate in Packaging, The Master in Food & Packaging Innovation, the Certified Packaging Professional Qualification and much more.

The APPMA would like to extend an invitation for everyone to come and visit the Australian Pavilion in Hall 99 at ProPak Asia 2017. Come and meet the Australian Packaging & Processing Manufacturers and Distributors and see what new and innovative products and solutions they will be showcasing to suit the Asian Region. If you would like to arrange a meeting with any of the companies in the Australian Pavilion please email today.