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  • New Year, New Membership

    In June we launched our 2021-24 Membership Renewal Programme followed not long after by our new Association Membership Packages. Both ...

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The Secret Sauce of Industry 4.0

John Broadbent, a Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Evangelist took us through a quick history of Industry 4.0 which was originally known as Industrie 4.0 in Germany, 2011 and which he defines an environment that provides the ability to see what is occurring, understand the situation, prepare to act and optimise. Industry 1.0, 1784: steam […]

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Cyber Security – Risk in the new world and industry 4.0.

Deloitte’s head of Cyber Risk David Owen shared some sobering data in our second session to help make the case of vigilance aiding resilience as ransomware attacks have reached unprecedented levels in 2021 across all industry sectors. Timeline of an attack The average period from the initial compromise is approximately 80 days. Day 1: initial […]

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Manufacturing as the new Engine of Growth

Session One featured our Keynote speaker, Francisco Betti who is the World Economic Forum’s Head of Shaping the Future of Advanced Manufacturing and Production. He pegged Australia’s performance as ‘good but lagging’ behind manufacturing leaders Germany, the US, and Japan. He sees Australia as a low scale with high potential as we have many of […]

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Closing Soon 30 August

Nominate as an APPMA Director this year!

In accordance with the APPMA Constitution, five Director positions are open for re-election in 2021. Nominations opened on Friday 6 August. Nominations of candidates for election as a Director must be received by the Secretary no later than Monday 30 August 2021 to be eligible for election (being 6 weeks prior to the AGM on 12 […]

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Membership Renewals sees Strong Position for 2021-24

In June we launched our 2021-24 Membership Renewal Programme which includes the introduction of the 3 tiered membership packages which have been developed to better align our member package options with the needs and expectations of our growing and diverse company membership group.Unlike most Associations, the APPMA had been operating with the one size fits […]

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