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2019 APPMA Board of Director Nominees


Mark Dingley is Chief Executive Officer at Matthews Australasia, and holds a Bachelor of Applied Science at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

With more than 25 years of experience in the product identification & inspection industry, Mark’s immense practical knowledge has been gained from working closely with Australian manufacturers and industry associations. He is strongly dedicated to developing and implementing standards that drive efficiency and accuracy, while reducing wastage in the supply chain.

Mark is both a regular guest speaker and visitor at domestic and international tradeshows and conferences, ensuring he remains well informed of the latest in global best practice, technology updates and trends.

Elected to the Board in December 2002, he has since held several positions. As current Chairman of the APPMA, Mark is both proud and delighted to have led the Association through a period of ongoing advancement and success. This is across all aspects of Member activity, with highlights being AUSPACK and Packaging & Processing Week continuing to expand in global reach, and value for exhibitors, visitors and the Australian manufacturing industry as a whole, while constantly adapting to the needs and desires of APPMA Members and the wider industry in which their businesses function. With strong successes over the past several years, Mark remains passionate about ensuring the Association continues to deliver on its mandate of promoting, integrating and fostering participation and development within the Packaging and Processing Industry. He is driven to continue bettering the way the APPMA serves its Members through the exciting medium term into the longer-term future to ensure stable, sustainable and prosperous Member businesses as integral operators in the Australian manufacturing industry.


Mark Hollingsworth is the Rhima Group Chief Executive Officer.  Mark originates from the UK where he started his working career as an Engineering apprentice before taking further studies in Engineering, and subsequently moving into the design field. He migrated to Australia nearly 25 years ago and has progressed through various sales and marketing roles for large multinational companies before moving into management with roles such as Business Line Manager, General Manager, Regional Director and now Chief Executive Officer in various machinery sectors working for International companies such as Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand and now the Rhima Group.

His experience in the Compressed Air industry, and now the Ware washing industry has provided him with vast knowledge of customer applications, both locally and internationally, and he has worked with teams in design, manufacturing, sales and aftermarket organisations in growing their businesses. With a background in both international and local business, Mark has a good eye on how to develop a business and identifying what is important to both the customer and the supplier, in a B2B and B2C business environment.

Industry bodies that are run by members for members have a great ability to work collaboratively for the greater good of the industry. Previously Mark has served as Board Director of an Industry Association and also as the Vice Chairman of that association (CAAA – Compressed Air Association of Australasia). He also acted as Chairman of the committee for Protocol 2000 which later become AS4637-2006. During his time with the association he developed a great understanding of the importance of working collaboratively together with his industry counterparts, on the promotion and regulation of the industry to the benefit of all members and the industry as a whole. With his industry background and the understanding of how an association works to benefit and represent all members across all businesses, Mark is ready and well placed to serve the APPMA members as a Board Director.


Peter Bradbury has over thirty-five years of experience in materials handling and packaging automation.

He started his career at Rexport International, where he was Sales Manager from 1985 to 1992. After spending a few years in Japan, Peter returned to Australia and worked for W & D Engineering as Regional Sales Manager from 1994 until 1997, working with many key clients including Kraft Foods, Orlando Wines, McCain Foods and Simplot.

In 1997 Peter was recruited by ABB to launch ABB’s first standardised Robotic Palletising System; the “FlexPalletizer”. The system was enormously successful and in the coming years Peter oversaw the launch of ABB’s “FlexPicker” systems, worked with ABB’s engineers to develop local solutions for other processing and packaging applications, and was drafted into the global team to develop ABB’s latest family of palletising robots.

In 2007, ABB stopped the local sales of Robot Systems to concentrate on the sales of robots to their national network of ABB Partners. Since then Peter has managed and greatly expanded this network, ABB Robotics Authorised Value Providers, while also being responsible for the development of robot-based automation for the Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Based in Melbourne, Peter was elected to the Board in December 2008 and currently serves on the Marketing Committee.


Robert Becher is an owner and Managing Director of INOX. Robert holds a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and MBA with the Australian Institute of Business.

Robert is a creative thinker. Very Passionate about his industry and his work. Never afraid to voice his thoughts and bring any potential ideas to the table.

For more than 25 years, Robert has been a leading figure in the Australian engineering and food processing industry, both nationally and across Asia.

Robert’s leadership of INOX has seen the business grow from a stainless steel fabrication company in 1998, servicing the Australian dairy, beverage and food industry to a business that has proven expertise in the mixing-cooking-cooling of food products and thermal processes for custom designed, specialised made to order manufactured equipment and systems. INOX is a highly regarded food processing equipment company in Australia and has exported completed projects to Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, USA, UK and Jamaica.

Recent wins at the Food and Beverage Industry Awards for ‘2019 Innovative technology of the year’ and ‘2019 Best of the Best’ categories are testament to INOX success.

Robert brings with him significant business and industry experience which combined with his processing background, technical expertise, industry contacts and knowledge, work to compliment the strengths of the APPMA Board and further enhance the attractiveness of APPMA within the processing segment of the industry. Robert would like to work on lifting the brand and profile of the APPMA. He has a strong interest in social media and marketing along with direct engagement with members and end users in the food industry.  As a manufacturer and exporter of equipment Robert also brings experience and knowledge regarding international markets and exhibiting at international shows.


Mark Krygger is the Manager Packaging Systems at Orora Group, based in Melbourne. Mark has over thirty years of experience, with a variety of direct customer facing roles at both Visy Board Packaging Systems and in his current role at Orora Group.

Mark is currently managing all the Orora Group Innovation customer equipment, as well as providing packaging equipment solutions to a very broad customer base.

Elected to the Board in September 2011 Mark has been a key contributor to the sub-committee that has been responsible for growth of AUSPACK over successive years.  He remains committed and driven to serve the APPMA members in growing and promoting the industry more broadly to meet the ongoing demands and challenges facing our industry.

In his position Mark observes first-hand the ever changing landscape at a customer, retail and environment level and understands the need to evolve as an association. This is one of the key achievements he is most proud of as a board member of 8 years, our ability to evolve as an industry. He is excited about the future prospects of the industry is keen to explore and drive opportunities for the APPMA to increase both member services and industry promotion and awareness.


Martin Reynolds is the Managing Director of both Reynolds Automation Controls Pty Ltd and Reynolds Automation Engineering Pty Ltd, both located in Melbourne.

Reynolds Automation, designs, builds, supplies, commissions and services all products that we deal with in the food and beverage industries.  The family business started in 1996 till present, and has grown to over 32 staff, specialising in Vision, Robotics, Laser, in a turnkey solutions for our clients both here and overseas.

We service and support our full range of products and other equipment to compliment all of our clients’ production lines. Martin has over 35 years’ experience in automation and packaging, together with qualifications, skills and knowledge in both Engineering and Business Management.

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